Morning Star Family Holy Hour is dedicated to supporting families in prayer and adoration. The Holy Hour combines prayer, singing, silent reflection and catechetics that children can relate to and parents can appreciate.

Morning Star provides your family with quality time that is authentically Catholic and makes a difference in your personal and spiritual lives. Our group is open to the young and the young at heart. Grandparents enjoy bringing their grandchildren. We encourage you to step out of your regular routines and make room for this holy hour--a life-changing experience. One couple shares that, "Both my husband and I have noticed that we are able to handle everyday stresses better when we have had this weekly family time of adoration of the Eucharist, as well as personal times of adoration."


Our goal is to devote time to praying before the Blessed Sacrament with our children at even a young age in order to develop a sincere faith that will last a lifetime. At a time when our busy society recognizes the need for "quality time" with our children, Morning Star Family Holy Hour offers a nurturing atmosphere with parental guidance. One parent shared this insight: "Parenting children is so challenging. I really believe God gives us the graces we need to carry out our responsibilities when we come to Him in prayer as a family."

This program assists in forming children in a strong and living Catholic faith. It helps develop personal relationships with Jesus and Mary thus making faith come alive in a child's heart. The added benefit is that families experience a renewal and a closer union with God.


Instilling the Catholic faith when the children become adolescents is a daunting task without the proper faith foundation afforded them in their youth. Morning Star is designed to educate and form children to open their hearts to receive graces to penetrate deeply into our faith. It explains the meaning of devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The children learn that Mary is our spiritual and loving Mother who guides us to Jesus. This truth is embedded in Sacred Scripture and the Magisterial teachings. Morning Star refers to the Blessed Mother as cited in the Litany to Loretto. She is like the dawning light in the darkness that beckons us to Jesus. She is referred to as the Morning Star that ushers in the sunlight, Jesus Christ--the Way, the Truth and the Light. Pope John Paul II referred to the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Star of the New Evangelization. Like a good mother, Holy Mary is a model of Christian perfection. She helps us and guides us to Jesus.

Morning Star leads the children to pray the rosary and meditate on its mysteries in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Contrary to many skeptics, children are capable of praying five decades of the rosary and enjoy their prayer time. Perseverance and repetition provide a soothing stability and holy reassurance that the children are in need of these days. In addition, penetrating the mysteries of our Catholic faith is something we should all be striving for since it not only bears fruit in this life but in the next as well.